Environmentally Friendly Printing from Indigo Press

Here at Indigo Press we take the impact printing has on the environment very seriously. We always put our environmental responsibility first and foremost, making sure our wastage and pollution is cut down to a minimum.

Environmentally Friendly Printing

We also know how important it is for our customers, which is why we have worked and will continue to work on reducing the impact we have on the environment around us. Together we can improve our environmental responsibility by continuously monitoring our achievements and how we can constantly improve in our eco-friendly printing methods.

Eco Friendly Printing

Keeping a close eye on our environmental responsibilities is very important to Indigo Press. In order to monitor this we have created an environmental management system and an Aspects and Impacts register in order to help our dedicated team, prioritise our movements towards helping our planet.

Over the past years we have already taken significant steps in the improvement and progression of our environmentally friendly printing services. A key factor which we changed was converting our main printing press in to an alcohol free damping systems. This means we only use 100% vegetable based inks which is ultimately much cleaner for our environment.

Indigo Press have also invested in a processless, CTP plating system and with the installation of our energy management systems we are completely in control of the amount of energy we use in our plant.


Our Environmental Commitments

We take our environmental printing commitments very seriously and will continue to improve and progress in our mission to reduce wastage, energy and lessen the negative effects on our planet. With our expert monitoring system we can quickly and efficiently identify any problems before they make a significant impact.

Indigo Press in Southampton, Hampshire always aim to work with our customers so that together we can reduce the environmental impacts of their marketing and printing needs in order to satisfy both their project requirements and continue to adapt environmentally friendly printing methods.

Printing Achievements


We are extremely proud to have many successful printing achievements when helping to contribute to a greener living environment. Indigo Press have achieved the ISO14001 environmental standard and will continue to work towards a cleaner and more energy efficient world.

By actively reducing harmful emissions, minimising pollution, recycling any wastage and saving as much energy as possible we can provide an environmentally friendly printing service many other printing companies do not.