New Komori Press For Printing Company in Southampton

We Welcome The 8 Colour Komori LS 829 Perfecting Press

Here at Indigo Press we are welcoming our brand new printing press – the 8 colour Komori LS 829 Perfecting Press. Providing shorter turnaround times, improved printing quality and greater efficiencies, Indigo Press can be more competitive on a wider range of specifications as we launch this new and exciting lithographic printing solution.

Komori Press

Our brand new press is the first perfecting version of the latest Komori H-UV technology in the country which will give Indigo Press and our clients some huge benefits.

One of the fantastic advantages of the ground-breaking technology our brand new H-UV Perfecting Press has to offer is that all work is now instantly dry as soon as it is printed. This also means there are no problems printing on uncoated or speciality stocks – colours on these materials will look better than ever before!

In addition, work can be passed through to the finishing stages such as laminating, trimming, folding and booklet making as soon as it is printed – with no more waiting for work to dry our turnaround times will be even quicker and you’ll have your printed products in no time at all. It also means that there are no more concerns about marking or set off which has always been an issue with litho printing – particularly on certain stocks.

With latest trends leading many brochures and corporate marketing to be printed on uncoated stocks, traditional litho presses struggle with this substrate, as drying can take an inordinate amount of time and even once it is as dry as it will get, there are still issues with marking and set off.  The H-UV instant drying technology means that no matter what material you choose for your project, the printing will be set completely dry by the time it comes off the end of the press.

This technology also allows Indigo Press to be more efficient on products such as landscape A4 books, 6 page A4 brochures amongst other formats.

Printing Company Southampton

The brand new Komori Press offers new levels of high quality products, efficiency in set ups, increased quality and service levels whilst reducing our environmental footprint further. This allows us to be even more competitive both locally in Southampton, Hampshire and throughout the UK.

As well as the huge advantages offered by the H-UV technology, as this perfecting press is replacing a 9 year old standard 5 colour straight machine, the new press also increases our capacity by around 30% to 40% and offers a host of automated features far in advance of those even on the standard 10 colour perfector, which has been the flagship at Indigo Press for the past 5 years.

The new Control Desk for the LS 829 H-UV offers much more automation and allows the operators to concentrate more on the important task of ensuring the job looks as good as our clients have come to expect from us.

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If you can’t wait to have your new business cards, flyers, brochures, banners and more printed using our state-of-the-art 8 colour Komori LS 829 Perfecting Press then get in touch with Indigo Press today.