Indigo Press Newsletter, Issue 1


Thank you very much for taking the time to read our newsletter which we hope will be informative, interesting and useful.

A lot has happened here over the past year or so, including the installation of our brand new 8 colour, H-UV press and the re-location of our sales and finance departments into new premises.

There are also a number of exciting new developments in the pipeline such as the installation in September of a Digital Spot UV line which will further increase efficiency and enhance quality within our finishing department.

We are very proud of the business and of our premises so we welcome any clients old and new to come and visit us at our Southampton headquarters, meet the team and see the presses in action.

Just let us know if you are interested and we can arrange an appointment!

As well as to keep you up to date with what we are doing, we would also like to use this Newsletter – we hope to make this a regular publication – in order to let our valued customers know about all the services and products we can offer and the different ways in which you can interact with us.

Finally, this issue coincides with the re-launch of our Packaged Print Price Guide which now contains radically reduced prices on leaflets as well as reductions on flyers and spot UV business cards!



Indigo press have always amongst the leading suppliers in the Country of Packaged Print and we are now taking this to the next level by batch printing our range of leaflets, thus offering these at significantly lower prices.

Printed in 4 colour process on a triple coated, fully branded, FSC certified 130gsm silk paper, our leaflets are a great alternative to the highly popular 300gsm flyers, but we are now offering these at significantly reduced prices.

Prices across the board have been slashed by as much as 60% and this high quality product is an incredibly cost effective way of producing your marketing material – from quantities from as low as 250 up to 50,000, all of which are being offered at extremely competitive prices.

You will also see further reductions throughout the flyer range and spot UV Business cards are down by around £45!



We have a series of monthly offers to roll out over the next 6 months so keep an eye out for mailers and e-shots as well as our website for the latest deals!

This month, to really kick start the new price list, we have two offers on our range of Leaflets and Spot UV Business Cards.


Within each issue of our Newsletter we will try to offer a bit of technical advice or simply to ‘de-jargonise’ any areas of print to hopefully make the process of ordering and preparing artwork for print a little easier.



You have probably heard the term used a lot and it can be a real issue when preparing artwork for print as, even though we will always try to fix any problems with files we are sent, it is often not so easy to add bleed.

Basically, any image or background colour which extends to the edge of the printed job needs to have another 2mm or 3mm of ‘bleed’ which is then trimmed off to ensure that there are no white edges showing once the work has been trimmed.

It is also sensible to keep any type or important information 3mm inside the trimmed edge in case of any movement when trimming.