Indigo Press Newsletter Issue 2

Festive Promotions

As we head towards the festive season, some thought for businesses goes to ensuring we maintain our client relationships and there are a number of ways the right printed product can help you.

We can produce custom calendars, desk pads, notebooks and many other bespoke giveaways, ensuring your corporate brand is in front of your customers at all times and giving you the opportunity to pop in and see them to cement those good relationships that we all try to maintain.

This year we are running a seasonal offer on Corporate Christmas Cards and prices start from just £45 for 125 A6 cards complete with envelopes, so check out our prices here!

Christmas Card Printing

Spot UV Printing

November is due to see the installation of our brand new Autobond Digital Spot UV Machine. We will provide a bit more information in the next issue, but this machine not only brings more of the work we produce in house to aid turnarounds and efficiencies but, utilising the latest digital technology, produces stunning results on a number of substrates.

This, along with the flexibility offered by our H-UV Printing Press, ensures that, not only are the finished results looking top rate but that we are able to offer more versatile and bespoke solutions for our clients. 

Adding Spot UV to your work is a great way of setting yourself aside from the competition and giving that real professional look to your business and marketing material.


The Technical Area – Laminating Prevents Cracking

There are certain products such as folders and thicker covers on booklets which can, in certain circumstances show cracking along the folds.

This is not something printers can have a lot of control over and is down to the make-up of the material. We have always worked hard to ensure this is minimal – we only buy branded paper and card. Any folded printing on card is scored properly prior to folding, but modern materials are more prone to cracking partly due to finer and thicker coating methods.

This is something which has a much better chance of being visible if there are areas of heavy ink coverage running across folds and, although it is sometimes possible to design around it, the more effective solution is to opt for a laminate which will not only prevent your work from cracking but give it a much more professional look and feel as well as adding longevity.

Nowadays we do not just offer traditional gloss and matt laminating options but other finishes such as anti-marking or soft touch laminates are becoming incredibly popular. 

If you would like to discuss this further then just ring or email and one of our sales team can offer you all the expert advice you need.


Indigo Press Online – Other Ways To Interact With Us

As an added benefit to our clients, we now offer a highly innovative web interface with our internal Management System. 

Through this portal, you are able to view all live and historical orders and quotes, see your standard pricing, raise orders, upload artwork, place quote enquiries, view and download invoices or delivery notes and tracking your orders.

This can make the process of ordering print a great deal more straightforward allowing you that level of control and transparency which keeps you in the driving seat at all times.

On top of this, through the same portal, we can offer our clients stock control with the option for multi-user logins with a variety of access permissions and order approval processes if required.

To find out more about any of this please give us a call and we can arrange for a demonstration or simply let you have a login to try it out for yourself!


Mailing, Distribution and Fulfilment

As well as simply printing work for our clients, we also handle a lot of other areas which may be of interest to some of our customers. 

We operate a number of daily, weekly and monthly mailings on behalf of our clients. 

We work with Royal Mail as well as several other Downstream Access providers, and have a good amount of expertise in managing these projects to maximise efficiencies and maintain a seamless service between print and mailing.

We can also arrange for picking and packing, door to door distribution or complex local, national and international deliveries for our clients so contact us if you would like to discuss this or any other area you think we may be able to help with, please just give our friendly, expert sales team a call.


Monthly Offers and Deals

We continue our series of monthly deals with offers throughout November and December on standard 300gsm silk flyers and Corporate Christmas Cards. See our separate inserts enclosed with this Newsletter for more or check our website for all latest offers!

Reduced print prices