We Don’t Just Print, We Build Brands.

The choice of whether to outsource your design to an agency or partner up with us…

For many marketing, facilities and communications professionals, making the right choices between experience, timing, quality and affordability is not a straightforward job when it comes to hiring a designer for printed collateral.

There are many pro’s and con’s that come into play with your choice on whether to contract your own design agency or, consult with us.

It’s essential to keep in mind that if it’s print your after, then you need to go where the professional’s go, who are ahead of the trends and who have a specific technical understanding of an industry and whose livelihoods depend on its success and yours.

By outsourcing your design requirements to us you are selecting a specialist printing company with expertise in the space of printed marketing collateral. Another advantage is that we come complete with a network of professionals in our industry we can call upon, and years of experience in designing and printing high quality products, affordably.

Aside from the dramatic cost differences between agency design and in house design, (we are not solely dependent on design revenue) Often agencies are a diluted mix of social media and internet marketing engines that would love to move away from traditional print.

Finding the right skillset is tricky enough, which makes specific organisations i.e. Salt, Fat face and IKEA ready to enroll with print industry specialists with a higher level of industry experience, because they know print marketing is separating them in a positive way from the white noise of online marketing.

Does your agency have the experience they need to achieve a desirable ROI for your collateral? Do they have enough knowledge of print to accomplish the ideal result? Is there enough time in their day to jiggle your project in?

Here are a further 3 things to consider…

1. Does your agency have the skill and available time for you?

Is there any chance they may already be overloaded with building websites and landing pages that they are spread too thin, the quality of work suffers and the chance of human error increases, costing you more than last time?

2. How significant/tight is the lead time?

In spite of the fact that an agency can handle a large project as well, smaller rush projects can be easily overlooked if there’s pressure on their deadlines for bigger jobs, declining smaller projects with tighter deadlines.

3. How might I utilise both proficiently?

Talk to us! Indigo press is a company built upon the amalgamation of a design agency and trade printer. This way you not only get the best of both worlds focused on your needs but with a wider portfolio of solutions you gain more options to raise the awareness of your company even further.

The marketing manager of a local travel company asked me how she could gain further ROI with the brochures she mailed out. Her mailing data demonstrated the bookings and suggested we matched the covers of the next brochure similarly to the “type” of individual who had booked a “type” of tour”.

So, the content of each brochure remained generic but the cover being printed digitally meant we could change the images to suit the kind of experience the customer previously booked. Her bookings increased by 20%. It just took a discussion with a printer with commercial experience of design and marketing. That’s what makes us unique!

When choosing who should do the design work, reverse engineer the end result. What are your priorities, and the best course of action for your situation? When you ask yourself “should I outsource design to an agency?” consider budget, workload, lead time, availability and required experience.

With our knowledge we can save you from multiple calls to multiple suppliers and avoid extended lead times, our highly regarded design team can find the right balance between design and print and that is the key for most marketing and branding professionals and it certainly makes sense financially.

Talk to us before your next campaign, you’ll be glad you did.

New Year, New Stationery.

Happy New Year friends!

Welcome to our new blog. We are looking forward to engaging with you all on another level to truly support your needs with print for your business.

We hope you are as excited about the year ahead as we are, and we are excited to share all of our latest “tips from the trenches” with you each month.

New Year, New Stationery

What better way to start than to celebrate the onset of 2019 by addressing your new business start up goals, by establishing a firm brand image going forward with business stationery.

printed letterhead

printed letterheads

We can help to create a professional bespoke look with a complete business stationery set. Having branded letter heads to unify all of your documents can be assured that you are organised, and your customers will have confidence in your business.

Build Growth Through Print!

On a daily basis everyone does everything online. Why I hear you ask: write a letter when you can send an email? Print business cards when you have LinkedIn? Or send a compliment slip when you can follow up with an email?

Because everyone else is doing it, and you need to raise the profile of your brand above the noise to get noticed.

Anything from posting an introduction to your ideal client so it isn’t immediately deleted to networking; business stationery allows you to build a long-lasting connection with prospects and customers, in an environment of disposable virtual communications.

Business Stationery Printing, Your Storefront To Professionalism

Would you turn up to a date in a paper bag? Your professional image triggers how you will be judged before you utter a word, and serves as a reminder of how you are judged long after you have left.

Image matters and business stationery demonstrates that perfectly. Letterhead printing for example, guarantees that each introduction, follow up or proposal, will kick start every communication on a professional platform, stating who you are and leverage credibility to your business.

Personalised Communication Encourages Business Relationships

Business stationery promotes social communication with your customers and clients in a way that is more valuable than just online.

Compliment slip printing for example, is just a very economical way to connect with customers following an interaction or a purchase. It reinforces a positive attitude towards your brand and demonstrates you are prepared to go the extra mile for them.

Business Stationery, Consistent Branding, Repeat Orders

With business stationery printing you can consistently raise the profile of your company in your communication with clients and customers.

Keeping everything on brand means ensuring you can see a return on investment from the hard work you have put into building your business. Using email and the many social networks for promotions, it is easy for inconsistencies to creep in. Using a business stationery printing service enables you to trust in a backstop, default brand identity.

Networking Is Hopeless Without Print!

With personal branding seeing an explosion in popularity since the birth of social media, business card printing has seen a major renaissance in the demand to get noticed.

A high-quality business card, designed to reflect your companies’ message is a powerful networking tool adding more value than adding a contact to a mobile phone. Anything that prevents your message from disappearing into a phone or junk mail gives you a distinct advantage.

business cards

business cardsBusiness stationery – business cards, letterheads or compliment slips – Demonstrate far more about you and your company that can be listed on this page in words.

With great design, using printed stationery offers serious business values and creates a mindful connection with prospective customers, that are far more memorable than any digital communication.

Indigo Press: Lithographic Printers Southampton

We are leading B2 commercial design and lithographic printers to end users and trade re-sellers alike. Indigo press offers the full remit of bespoke solutions to all B2C and B2B print requirements.

Whether you are looking for business card printing, folded leaflet printing, corporate brochure printing or regular magazine printing, we would be excited to hear about your start up or challenge your existing print suppliers on budget and lead time.

Contact Us

Talk to a member of our expert team today to find out more about our print services and how we can help.

Indigo Press Newsletter Issue 2

Festive Promotions

As we head towards the festive season, some thought for businesses goes to ensuring we maintain our client relationships and there are a number of ways the right printed product can help you.

We can produce custom calendars, desk pads, notebooks and many other bespoke giveaways, ensuring your corporate brand is in front of your customers at all times and giving you the opportunity to pop in and see them to cement those good relationships that we all try to maintain.

This year we are running a seasonal offer on Corporate Christmas Cards and prices start from just £45 for 125 A6 cards complete with envelopes, so check out our prices here!

Christmas Card Printing

Spot UV Printing

November is due to see the installation of our brand new Autobond Digital Spot UV Machine. We will provide a bit more information in the next issue, but this machine not only brings more of the work we produce in house to aid turnarounds and efficiencies but, utilising the latest digital technology, produces stunning results on a number of substrates.

This, along with the flexibility offered by our H-UV Printing Press, ensures that, not only are the finished results looking top rate but that we are able to offer more versatile and bespoke solutions for our clients. 

Adding Spot UV to your work is a great way of setting yourself aside from the competition and giving that real professional look to your business and marketing material.


The Technical Area – Laminating Prevents Cracking

There are certain products such as folders and thicker covers on booklets which can, in certain circumstances show cracking along the folds.

This is not something printers can have a lot of control over and is down to the make-up of the material. We have always worked hard to ensure this is minimal – we only buy branded paper and card. Any folded printing on card is scored properly prior to folding, but modern materials are more prone to cracking partly due to finer and thicker coating methods.

This is something which has a much better chance of being visible if there are areas of heavy ink coverage running across folds and, although it is sometimes possible to design around it, the more effective solution is to opt for a laminate which will not only prevent your work from cracking but give it a much more professional look and feel as well as adding longevity.

Nowadays we do not just offer traditional gloss and matt laminating options but other finishes such as anti-marking or soft touch laminates are becoming incredibly popular. 

If you would like to discuss this further then just ring or email and one of our sales team can offer you all the expert advice you need.


Indigo Press Online – Other Ways To Interact With Us

As an added benefit to our clients, we now offer a highly innovative web interface with our internal Management System. 

Through this portal, you are able to view all live and historical orders and quotes, see your standard pricing, raise orders, upload artwork, place quote enquiries, view and download invoices or delivery notes and tracking your orders.

This can make the process of ordering print a great deal more straightforward allowing you that level of control and transparency which keeps you in the driving seat at all times.

On top of this, through the same portal, we can offer our clients stock control with the option for multi-user logins with a variety of access permissions and order approval processes if required.

To find out more about any of this please give us a call and we can arrange for a demonstration or simply let you have a login to try it out for yourself!


Mailing, Distribution and Fulfilment

As well as simply printing work for our clients, we also handle a lot of other areas which may be of interest to some of our customers. 

We operate a number of daily, weekly and monthly mailings on behalf of our clients. 

We work with Royal Mail as well as several other Downstream Access providers, and have a good amount of expertise in managing these projects to maximise efficiencies and maintain a seamless service between print and mailing.

We can also arrange for picking and packing, door to door distribution or complex local, national and international deliveries for our clients so contact us if you would like to discuss this or any other area you think we may be able to help with, please just give our friendly, expert sales team a call.


Monthly Offers and Deals

We continue our series of monthly deals with offers throughout November and December on standard 300gsm silk flyers and Corporate Christmas Cards. See our separate inserts enclosed with this Newsletter for more or check our website for all latest offers!

Reduced print prices

Indigo Press Newsletter, Issue 1


Thank you very much for taking the time to read our newsletter which we hope will be informative, interesting and useful.

A lot has happened here over the past year or so, including the installation of our brand new 8 colour, H-UV press and the re-location of our sales and finance departments into new premises.

There are also a number of exciting new developments in the pipeline such as the installation in September of a Digital Spot UV line which will further increase efficiency and enhance quality within our finishing department.

We are very proud of the business and of our premises so we welcome any clients old and new to come and visit us at our Southampton headquarters, meet the team and see the presses in action.

Just let us know if you are interested and we can arrange an appointment!

As well as to keep you up to date with what we are doing, we would also like to use this Newsletter – we hope to make this a regular publication – in order to let our valued customers know about all the services and products we can offer and the different ways in which you can interact with us.

Finally, this issue coincides with the re-launch of our Packaged Print Price Guide which now contains radically reduced prices on leaflets as well as reductions on flyers and spot UV business cards!



Indigo press have always amongst the leading suppliers in the Country of Packaged Print and we are now taking this to the next level by batch printing our range of leaflets, thus offering these at significantly lower prices.

Printed in 4 colour process on a triple coated, fully branded, FSC certified 130gsm silk paper, our leaflets are a great alternative to the highly popular 300gsm flyers, but we are now offering these at significantly reduced prices.

Prices across the board have been slashed by as much as 60% and this high quality product is an incredibly cost effective way of producing your marketing material – from quantities from as low as 250 up to 50,000, all of which are being offered at extremely competitive prices.

You will also see further reductions throughout the flyer range and spot UV Business cards are down by around £45!



We have a series of monthly offers to roll out over the next 6 months so keep an eye out for mailers and e-shots as well as our website for the latest deals!

This month, to really kick start the new price list, we have two offers on our range of Leaflets and Spot UV Business Cards.


Within each issue of our Newsletter we will try to offer a bit of technical advice or simply to ‘de-jargonise’ any areas of print to hopefully make the process of ordering and preparing artwork for print a little easier.



You have probably heard the term used a lot and it can be a real issue when preparing artwork for print as, even though we will always try to fix any problems with files we are sent, it is often not so easy to add bleed.

Basically, any image or background colour which extends to the edge of the printed job needs to have another 2mm or 3mm of ‘bleed’ which is then trimmed off to ensure that there are no white edges showing once the work has been trimmed.

It is also sensible to keep any type or important information 3mm inside the trimmed edge in case of any movement when trimming.

Graphic Design Southampton

Beautiful Graphic Design Services in Southampton

Are you looking for fantastic graphic design services in Southampton? Look no further, as here at Indigo Press we provide a wide range of high-quality printing services to suit your every need.

Whether you require business cards or banners, we have your graphic design needs covered. From initial order to delivery, our dedicated team are here to turn your printing ideas into reality.

graphic design southampton

We’re Offering  an Amazing 15% off Graphic Design Services!

We are pleased to welcome two new graphic designers to the Indigo Press studio, Laura Webb and Graham Ballem. To celebrate their arrival to our team, we’re excited to announce a 15% offer on all of our graphic design services until 29th February!

graphic design banner

With 25 years of design experience between them, they further enhance our expertise to develop creative ideas and concepts, choosing the appropriate media and style to meet our clients’ objectives.They are welcome additions to the team responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact.

Their role involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions. Creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines are all essential qualities that the work requires to achieve consistent, high-quality results.

Laura Webb

Laura joined us in August 2015, with a graphic design degree and over ten years’ experience gained from an independent media agency in Winchester. Laura was individually responsible for producing three weekly publications and one quarterly, therefore she has a wealth of experience within advertising and page layouts. At Indigo Press she is now enjoying the opportunity to work on more diverse projects.

graphic design southampton

At Laura’s previous company she was the only designer, and is now thoroughly enjoying working within a great team, benefiting from a working environment where ideas are generated, shared and bounced around.

In 2014/2015 she left her old company to take a gap year, visiting 6 countries; Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines and Japan. There she was able to take part in a wide variety of activities including: Teaching, scuba diving, sky dive, trapeze, surfing, sailing, riding a moped, wake boarding and 6 weeks of Maui Thai (kickboxing) training. Travelling developed a strong desire in Laura to learn and face new challenges.

“I am interested in people’s interaction with the world around them, traveling, teaching and working as a graphic designer has enabled me the luxury to explore this in various ways.” Laura.

Graham Ballem

Graham joined us in October bringing 15 years of design experience, acquired at local design agencies. He has worked on many campaigns ranging from high profile brands to smaller local business promotions.

 His portfolio includes a broad selection of promotional material including brochures, catalogues, point of sale, stationery, packaging, adverts and flyers.

graphic designer southampton

Graham uses advanced knowledge of design theory and practice to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. Complete with a sound technical knowledge, this has allowed him to creatively follow through any design brief from conception to fulfillment, avoiding any pitfalls or potential difficulties on route.

With most graphic design work now created on computers using specialised industry-standard graphics and multimedia 
software packages, his keeping up to date with the latest developments in software is essential to delivering effective solutions.

“With two young children to keep me on my toes, keeping a healthy work-life balance is yet another welcome challenge.
Although a keen interest in photography and a love of Lego helps me keep creative, outside of the work environment.” Graham

The professional team at Indigo Press makes working closely with other colleagues on larger projects extremely effective.

Contact Us for Graphic Design in Southampton!

So no matter what you require, we have the experience to create bespoke promotional material that will stand out and enhance your business’ image. We are all very approachable, so feel free to pop in and discuss your specific requirements or to see some of the fantastic work we have created for others.


Don’t miss out on our fantastic offer of 15% off graphic design services this winter. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re excited to hear your ideas!

New Komori Press For Printing Company in Southampton

We Welcome The 8 Colour Komori LS 829 Perfecting Press

Here at Indigo Press we are welcoming our brand new printing press – the 8 colour Komori LS 829 Perfecting Press. Providing shorter turnaround times, improved printing quality and greater efficiencies, Indigo Press can be more competitive on a wider range of specifications as we launch this new and exciting lithographic printing solution.

Komori Press

Our brand new press is the first perfecting version of the latest Komori H-UV technology in the country which will give Indigo Press and our clients some huge benefits.

One of the fantastic advantages of the ground-breaking technology our brand new H-UV Perfecting Press has to offer is that all work is now instantly dry as soon as it is printed. This also means there are no problems printing on uncoated or speciality stocks – colours on these materials will look better than ever before!

In addition, work can be passed through to the finishing stages such as laminating, trimming, folding and booklet making as soon as it is printed – with no more waiting for work to dry our turnaround times will be even quicker and you’ll have your printed products in no time at all. It also means that there are no more concerns about marking or set off which has always been an issue with litho printing – particularly on certain stocks.

With latest trends leading many brochures and corporate marketing to be printed on uncoated stocks, traditional litho presses struggle with this substrate, as drying can take an inordinate amount of time and even once it is as dry as it will get, there are still issues with marking and set off.  The H-UV instant drying technology means that no matter what material you choose for your project, the printing will be set completely dry by the time it comes off the end of the press.

This technology also allows Indigo Press to be more efficient on products such as landscape A4 books, 6 page A4 brochures amongst other formats.

Printing Company Southampton

The brand new Komori Press offers new levels of high quality products, efficiency in set ups, increased quality and service levels whilst reducing our environmental footprint further. This allows us to be even more competitive both locally in Southampton, Hampshire and throughout the UK.

As well as the huge advantages offered by the H-UV technology, as this perfecting press is replacing a 9 year old standard 5 colour straight machine, the new press also increases our capacity by around 30% to 40% and offers a host of automated features far in advance of those even on the standard 10 colour perfector, which has been the flagship at Indigo Press for the past 5 years.

The new Control Desk for the LS 829 H-UV offers much more automation and allows the operators to concentrate more on the important task of ensuring the job looks as good as our clients have come to expect from us.

Contact Indigo Press

If you can’t wait to have your new business cards, flyers, brochures, banners and more printed using our state-of-the-art 8 colour Komori LS 829 Perfecting Press then get in touch with Indigo Press today.

Letterhead Printing | Super September Offer

Indigo Press are offering for one month only a fantastic Super September Offer on letterhead printing savings with 15% off! In order to claim your great discount just use the discount code ‘LH15’ for letterhead printing or ‘CS15’ for all compliment slip discounts. What are you waiting for?

Super September Offer

Only available throughout September so get ordering your stationary packages, compliment slips and letterheads today so you don’t miss out on this great offer from Indigo Press in Southampton, Hampshire.


Letterheads are a great way of personalising your paperwork. Do you frequently find you send letters to customers or clients? Well if the answer is yes, then Indigo Press can print unique letterheads dedicated to your brand identity. A great option to include in your letterhead design is your company logo and contact details.

Our letterheads come with a variety of options so you can have the perfect letterheads printed. These include single or double sided, 120gsm or 120gsm folded formats and you can either supply your own artwork or our in-house graphic design team can work with you to create your ideal artwork design.

You will receive all this at a superb price, and now with our excellent discount you can enjoy them even more!

letterhead printing

Compliment Slips

Compliment slips are also a great option for personalising your company stationery. It’s remarkable how this small piece of paper with your name, address and logo can help increase business and promote your brand, service or product.

Compliment slips are usually sent in place of a cover letter and can be sent out with any goods or packages you may post. A great way of demonstrating professionalism and helping people remember who you are.

Our compliment slips are printed as standard on to a premium, high quality 120gsm Laser Guaranteed white bond in full colour, so you are sure to receive an exceptional finish. You even have the option of express turnaround so you can enjoy your new printed product in no time at all and all for a great price.

Printed Stationery

compliment slips

If just the one isn’t enough we offer stationery packages which include your personalised letterheads and compliment sips, so you can have a definitive matching package your clients and customers will love. You will benefit from all the options of ordering compliment slips and letterheads individually, but will receive an unbeatable package price when ordering them together.

Printing Costs

We know that the cost of printing can often be expensive, especially in large quantities which is why we aim to make it as simple, quick and easy as possible to get the perfect printed product without breaking the bank.

Keep your eyes peeled for our monthly special offers and we hope you enjoy our Super September Letterhead Printing Discount – make the most of it today!

Environmentally Friendly Printing from Indigo Press

Here at Indigo Press we take the impact printing has on the environment very seriously. We always put our environmental responsibility first and foremost, making sure our wastage and pollution is cut down to a minimum.

Environmentally Friendly Printing

We also know how important it is for our customers, which is why we have worked and will continue to work on reducing the impact we have on the environment around us. Together we can improve our environmental responsibility by continuously monitoring our achievements and how we can constantly improve in our eco-friendly printing methods.

Eco Friendly Printing

Keeping a close eye on our environmental responsibilities is very important to Indigo Press. In order to monitor this we have created an environmental management system and an Aspects and Impacts register in order to help our dedicated team, prioritise our movements towards helping our planet.

Over the past years we have already taken significant steps in the improvement and progression of our environmentally friendly printing services. A key factor which we changed was converting our main printing press in to an alcohol free damping systems. This means we only use 100% vegetable based inks which is ultimately much cleaner for our environment.

Indigo Press have also invested in a processless, CTP plating system and with the installation of our energy management systems we are completely in control of the amount of energy we use in our plant.


Our Environmental Commitments

We take our environmental printing commitments very seriously and will continue to improve and progress in our mission to reduce wastage, energy and lessen the negative effects on our planet. With our expert monitoring system we can quickly and efficiently identify any problems before they make a significant impact.

Indigo Press in Southampton, Hampshire always aim to work with our customers so that together we can reduce the environmental impacts of their marketing and printing needs in order to satisfy both their project requirements and continue to adapt environmentally friendly printing methods.

Printing Achievements


We are extremely proud to have many successful printing achievements when helping to contribute to a greener living environment. Indigo Press have achieved the ISO14001 environmental standard and will continue to work towards a cleaner and more energy efficient world.

By actively reducing harmful emissions, minimising pollution, recycling any wastage and saving as much energy as possible we can provide an environmentally friendly printing service many other printing companies do not.

Quick! Our Giant July Leaflet Offer is Almost Over!

Giant July Leaflet Offer!

We at Indigo Press in Southampton, Hampshire are offering our customers an incredible summer deal on our leaflets. We’re selling 500 A5 leaflets for only £55! Before they were £64, and before that they were £130! So you’d be absolutely crazy to miss the incredible one time July deal. Or, if you fancied doubling up and getting 1000, we’ll only charge you £73.leaflets southampton, hampshire

You’re not going to get any cheaper printing in Southampton! Click here to take full advantage of our offer and for a full list of prices on all our lealfets!

While you’re at it, why not read on and see what else we have available? You won’t regret it, trust us!


Now, you already know about our fantastic Giant July Leaflet Offer. But lets tell you a bit more about our leaflets shall we? They come in a variety of different sizes, from A3, A4, A5, A6 or DL, and all for pretty amazing prices. Our standard leaflets are coated with clear varnish ensuring that the ink is hardened. You won’t find better quality leaflets in Southampton, that is for sure!

We also give you the option for a folded leaflet. Whatever your preference, we will make it happen! Whether it’s standard of folded, they’re printed in 4 colour process to both sides to incredible high quality triple silk paper coated in 130gsm from run lengths as little as 250 printed lithographically. In simpler terms, our leaflets are the best.

For the full list of prices and product specifications, click here!


Are you interested in potentially purchasing some flyers? Well we can have 1000 ready for you in A6 for just £45! That’s right, 1000 flyers. Or if you wanted 5000, it’d be just £70! We told you we’re good didn’t we? For more information on prices regarding other sizes, don’t hesitate to have a look!

Business Cards

Need some new cards for your business? Or are you setting one up and need some exposure? Well our business cards are Matt Laminated and are printed in 4 colour process onto both sides of a 400gsm silk board, 85mm x 55mm. They are processed every day at 2pm and can be ready for collection in 2 working days. Or if you fancy getting them delivered, just 3 working days.

Check out our prices here.

Banner Stands

Need a banner for advertising? Perfect for clients who work in sales or retail environments, our banners can be offered as laminate or non-laminate. However, our laminate banners are scratch resistant which ensures extra durability and longevity, and just for £124! Non-laminate is £99, but either way, they’re amazingly priced.banners southampton, hampshire

View more information on our banner printing options.


Now our posters come in two options. We have Litho & Digital printed posters, or Inkjet printed posters. Our Litho & Digital posters are printed in full colour on one side of a triple coated 150gsm silk paper, which ensures that your poster has a reduced flare and enhanced visibility. Click here for a full list of prices.

In comparison, our Inkjet posters are more suited for lower quantities, and the materials we have available are Matte, Gloss and Satin. Prices are available here.

They’re cheap, yet in incredible quality. What more could you want?

Letterheads & Compliment Slips

At just £65 for 500 letterheads, and that’s with 120gsm paper, you’d be crazy to turn them down. Available either single sided or double sided, you can choose to supply your own artwork, or have us design it for you (prices will increase of course). Want more details on our fantastic letterhead printing? Click here for more information on our letterhead printing options.

Our Compliment Slips are now available to be printed as standard onto a premium 120gsm Laser Guaranteed white bond in full colour! And for 500 slips at just £50, you won’t get any better printing in Southampton, Hampshire! Check out the full list of prices here.

Or if you fancy one of our Letterhead and Compliment Slip packs, visit here for some incredible prices.

It works out a lot cheaper for you and is a lot more convenient!

For More Products

It doesn’t stop there. We have plenty more products, such as folders, stationery, outdoor banners and brochures!

Click here for a full list of everything we have to offer!

Contact Us Now!

If any of our amazing products here at Indigo Press have taken your fancy (how could they have not?), then ring us now on 0800 652 7299! Or if you’re a bit phone shy, then why not email us at sales@indigo-press.com, or fill out our online form here. We have a lovely and expert staff team ready on standby to help you with any enquiries you may have. You’d be crazy to ignore our amazing July offer!

We look forward to hearing from you!

printers southampton, hampshire

Printing Services Hampshire

Commercial, Lithographic Printers in Southampton

Indigo Press offers a wide range of printing services in Hampshire. From business cards to letter heads and banner stands, we offer a complete printing service to meet your needs.

Indigo Press Printing Services

It doesn’t matter whether we are dealing with a set business cards or handling a full design, print and mailing assignment, we assign a dedicated Account Manager to oversee each projects progress.

This means that from initial order straight through to delivery, you receive excellent service. Our staff are always at hand to offer help and assistance.

Commercial, Lithographic Printer in Hampshire

As commercial, lithographic printers based in Southampton, we use the very latest machinery and technology to produce high quality prints.

Print Production

Our factory is staffed by a team of print professionals at all times and uses state-of-the-art machinery to produce the finest quality prints.

Printing Services Hampshire

We employ a strict print production line which has been honed over the years to ensure that all orders are handled to perfection. Our company is constantly monitoring and reviewing these procedures to maintain a high level of quality and service.

Printing Quality Everytime

With rigorous quality control measures in place, nothing leaves our factory without having our personal seal of approval.

Printing Services

Printing Services Southampton

We provide a range of bespoke printing services in Hampshire which can be tailored to your unique printing requirements.

Find out more about our services:

Contact Us

As well as the services we have available through our website, we also offer customised solutions for anyone with other printing requirements. Contact us today to speak to one of our printing experts.