We Don’t Just Print, We Build Brands.

The choice of whether to outsource your design to an agency or partner up with us…

For many marketing, facilities and communications professionals, making the right choices between experience, timing, quality and affordability is not a straightforward job when it comes to hiring a designer for printed collateral.

There are many pro’s and con’s that come into play with your choice on whether to contract your own design agency or, consult with us.

It’s essential to keep in mind that if it’s print your after, then you need to go where the professional’s go, who are ahead of the trends and who have a specific technical understanding of an industry and whose livelihoods depend on its success and yours.

By outsourcing your design requirements to us you are selecting a specialist printing company with expertise in the space of printed marketing collateral. Another advantage is that we come complete with a network of professionals in our industry we can call upon, and years of experience in designing and printing high quality products, affordably.

Aside from the dramatic cost differences between agency design and in house design, (we are not solely dependent on design revenue) Often agencies are a diluted mix of social media and internet marketing engines that would love to move away from traditional print.

Finding the right skillset is tricky enough, which makes specific organisations i.e. Salt, Fat face and IKEA ready to enroll with print industry specialists with a higher level of industry experience, because they know print marketing is separating them in a positive way from the white noise of online marketing.

Does your agency have the experience they need to achieve a desirable ROI for your collateral? Do they have enough knowledge of print to accomplish the ideal result? Is there enough time in their day to jiggle your project in?

Here are a further 3 things to consider…

1. Does your agency have the skill and available time for you?

Is there any chance they may already be overloaded with building websites and landing pages that they are spread too thin, the quality of work suffers and the chance of human error increases, costing you more than last time?

2. How significant/tight is the lead time?

In spite of the fact that an agency can handle a large project as well, smaller rush projects can be easily overlooked if there’s pressure on their deadlines for bigger jobs, declining smaller projects with tighter deadlines.

3. How might I utilise both proficiently?

Talk to us! Indigo press is a company built upon the amalgamation of a design agency and trade printer. This way you not only get the best of both worlds focused on your needs but with a wider portfolio of solutions you gain more options to raise the awareness of your company even further.

The marketing manager of a local travel company asked me how she could gain further ROI with the brochures she mailed out. Her mailing data demonstrated the bookings and suggested we matched the covers of the next brochure similarly to the “type” of individual who had booked a “type” of tour”.

So, the content of each brochure remained generic but the cover being printed digitally meant we could change the images to suit the kind of experience the customer previously booked. Her bookings increased by 20%. It just took a discussion with a printer with commercial experience of design and marketing. That’s what makes us unique!

When choosing who should do the design work, reverse engineer the end result. What are your priorities, and the best course of action for your situation? When you ask yourself “should I outsource design to an agency?” consider budget, workload, lead time, availability and required experience.

With our knowledge we can save you from multiple calls to multiple suppliers and avoid extended lead times, our highly regarded design team can find the right balance between design and print and that is the key for most marketing and branding professionals and it certainly makes sense financially.

Talk to us before your next campaign, you’ll be glad you did.

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