Printing Production

Our processes have been honed over the years to ensure that no matter how many orders we are handling, nothing slips through the net.  We constantly monitor and review these procedures in order to maintain high levels of quality and service.

We have recently had our newest 8 colour Komori LS 829 perfecting press installed – you can watch the installation process in the video below.

Watch Our Komori Printing Press Being Installed

H-UV Printing Press

We are proud to announce we have just installed our brand new Komori Printing Press into our state of the art production facility in Southampton. This 8 colour Komori LS 829 perfecting press offers a variety of benefits other printing companies just can’t compete with.

Our new press uses the latest Komori H-UV technology to provide enhanced printing quality, rapid turnaround times and offers a much more efficient way of working. The new press also instantly dries work as soon as it is printed, so there is no longer any waiting for work to dry.  Not only does this enable us to complete work more quickly but it means that we are able to be much more efficient on a broader gamut of printing projects.  On top of this, the press significantly increases our capacity, offers even further steps in automation and significantly enhances the quality of our printed output – particularly those printed on uncoated substrates.

Quality Control

We have rigorous quality control measures in place to prevent work leaving us which we are not happy to put our name to. The policy within our organisation is that responsibility for quality control of any aspect of printing lies with each individual and department working on the specific job.

Anything which we are not entirely happy with is therefore quickly identified so that we can make necessary changes. This is why we are confident of excellent quality as well as on time delivery.

Lithographic Printing

Here at Indigo Press our Lithographic (also known as Litho) Printing service offers the most effective and efficient way of printing higher quantities to the highest quality. With our Litho printing expertise we are able to print in medium to large quantities onto both paper and card, allowing us to provide a service that is second to none for our customers every time.

The Lithographic Printing Press operates using three cylinders on each unit, cleverly and carefully designed to print a flawless image time and time again. Due to modern printing technology, Indigo Press can deliver work to tight deadlines and always of the highest quality.

For more information about our Lithographic Printing services read our article ‘What Is Litho Printing?’


Investing in Production

We continually invest in our machinery and our people to maintain the high standards of quality, efficiency and service our clients have come to expect.